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Tiger Brokers Referral Code Singapore 2020

Tiger Brokers Singapore Promotion or Referral Code  Invite code: IHGEND or click this   referral link   If you need the Tiger Brokers referral code  or promo code "IHGEND" you can click here . Tiger Brokers recently doing a lot of advertisement and marketing in Singapore, personally I think it's a good time to open an account with them, even if you don't open the account so you can access the free data and some financial information.  They are a new player in Singapore but the fees that they are offering for US and SG stocks are cheap compared to others brokers in Singapore and there is no platform / custodian fee as well. I will do a full Tiger Brokers review soon.  Too bad as for now there's no London Exchange in Tiger Brokers and according to the customer service there is currently no ETA for this.  What can you get with the Tiger Brokers referral code ?  1. When you register you'll get Free Level 2 Data for U.S. stocks fo

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